Our Story


Pastor Bobby L. Mitchell founded The Father’s House Church in 2010, with the help of his loving wife Janeisha. This is one of 4 churches they have planted since 2006. Their intention was to create a church that fostered the building of strong families. The Mitchell’s have three children of their own and understand the importance of family and community. Bobby and Janeisha both served in the United States Air Force, prior to being called into ministry. They have a heart for people and make it a priority to get know each member personally.

Pastor Mitchell constantly reminds the congregation, “That his number one goal is to help everyone make it to Heaven.”

This is exemplified in his teaching and preaching as he is known for tackling the hard, yet relevant issues and questions that face our society today. He is a published author of the best-selling book “Answers to Every New Believer’s Questions”. As a missionary, he has traveled to places such as, Holland, Germany, South America, Mexico, and France preaching and teaching the gospel. One of his main priorities is service, and he leads the church to community outreach constantly.