His plan for your life was laid out before you were born. Do you believe it? We do. The clearest way for you to keep your life in perspective is to realize that “coming of age” (no matter what your age) means coming to term with God’s claim on your life. Finding fulfillment means finding God and His awesome plan for your life.

Many believers in the body of Christ are not sure what their purpose is. Here‘s good news. All believers have been given the same ultimate divine purpose for their own lives which is already ordained by God’s Word.

Whether a believer is a minister, a housewife, a young adult or even a brand new born again believer, every believer is called as an “Ambassador for Christ“. (2Cor.5:20). This is powerful to know. This means that each believer has been divinely appointed by the King (Jesus) to go out & to perfectly “represent” Him & His kingdom while we walk through this world. every believer’s ultimate purpose, which is divinely ordained by God’s written Word.

Importantly, all of the other specific plans or purposes that God might also add to a believer’s life (like being a mother, a minister, having a certain occupation, an athlete etc.) become tremendously enhanced & blessed of God when a believer makes his top priority to demonstrate Christ’s love, character, attitude & His life, towards all others. This is our ultimate purpose, which makes us “Ambassadors for Christ.”