Manhood is Not Automatic; It Must Be Learned.

Every male, is not a man. True manhood doesn’t come automatically. There are key principles of honor, respect, kindness, and love, just to name a few, that every man needs to live by, if we are to see true quality manhood restored in our society. This class explains 101 of these key manhood principles. 

These manhood principles are great for males in every stage of life including:

    • Teen boys searching for identity;
    • Young adults looking for concepts that will strengthen their relationships, and;
    • Adults looking for a quick reference guide to use in their families, business relationships and lives.
      Some males have gained success in their careers and status while they fail in their private relationships and lives. This is most likely because they have lost the principles of Quality Manhood or may have never known them in the first place.
      This class will help males learn, strengthen or regain, the standards and principles of true quality manhood that will enhance their relationships and overall lives.

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