Want the best for your child’s future? Starting this Sunday, November 14th at 4 pm, our Millionaires of Tomorrow (MOT) program will teach teens about personal finances, business, and how to achieve anything with faith in God.

They’ll learn:

  • How to invest in the stock market
  • How to start a business
  • Real estate investing
  • The mindset for success
  • Charm School (Girls Only)
  • Manhood 101 (Guys Only)
  • How to apply Scriptures to business

This class will give your teen a strong financial and faith foundation that rivals none other.

Each student that successfully completes the program will receive cash contributions to their own savings account.

As you can imagine with only accepting 12 Boys & 12 Girls this opportunity will be very competitive.

Email info@fathershouseworldwide.com your child’s age, school, and 1 paragraph of why they should be accepted in this program.

Learn About Charm School

Learn About Manhood 101