Pathway to Ministry Leadership

Pathway to Ministry-Qualifications and Requirements

Licensed Minister:

A.    History- It should be clear that a minister is an apprentice under his/her pastor. They should be convinced of their calling before being granted a license. Their conduct must be as becoming holiness as well as their conversation. Let the minister be willing to “study to show himself approved unto God, a workman that need not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.” They who have been called to this office seek to obtain a better resurrection.

B.    Requirements-Moral

  1. Obedient to the Pastor.
  2. Must be a member in good standing.
  3. Attend and Support Midweek and Sunday Service.
  4. Conduct as becoming holiness.
  5. Prays daily.
  6. Full of the Holy Ghost.
  7. Must be a tither.

C.    Requirements-Educational

  1. Certificate of Biblical Studies.
  2. Must have been saved at least 3 years and must serve at least 6 months at The Father’s House International, Inc.
  3. If a licensed minister comes from another church, they must present a letter of good standing from previous church, take a minister exam, and serve a minimum of 6 months at The Father’s House International, Inc. before joining the ministerial staff or use the title of a minister in an official capacity.

D.    Responsibilities

  1. Is part of the ministerial staff of The Father’s House International, Inc.
  2. Supports the church ministry and the Pastor by assisting in various functions of a church service. i.e. devotional leader, opening prayer or scripture, takes offering, ministers the word, assist in baptisms, and teach Christian Education.
  3. Oversees Local Church offices as appointed by the Pastor or elected by the Local Church body. i.e. Trustee, Choir President(s), Prayer Team President, Ministers of Music, Local and International Missionary President, and Youth Director.
  4. May be assigned to support a new convert for an appointed time by the Pastor.
  5. May conduct or moderate over an entire service in the absence of the Pastor, and or Assistant pastor.
  6. May be assigned to visit the sick as requested by the Pastor.


History: The need for the position of Deacon arose as a result of the murmuring of the Grecians against the Hebrews-concerning widows being neglected in the daily ministration. (Acts. 6:1-6) The Apostles instructed the church to choose men from among them men who would take care of this needed business. It was important business the apostles gave them the qualifications and did the appointing. They were to choose men of good report, full of the Holy Spirit and full of wisdom.


A.    Must complete “Under Authority Series.”
B.    Must serve in the church a minimum of 2 years.
C.    Member in good standing.
D.    Obedient to pastor.
E.    Attends and supports all local church services.
F.     Prays daily.
G.    Full of the Holy Ghost and Wisdom.

Responsibilities: To support the pastor in church related issues, to include the following:

A.    Conduct church business affairs at the direction of the pastor.
B.    Assist in baptismal services at the direction of the pastor.
C.    Assist in church manual labor events, as needed.
D.    Administer communion at the direction of the pastor.


History: The word Elder comes from the Greek word (presbuteroi). In the Old Testament the word meant the heads or rules of tribes, cities and nations (Deut 1:13). In the gospels and Acts it generally referred to the Sanhedrin (Mt. 15:2,26:3; Acts 4:5,8,23). In the early church elders were the ministers and deacons, or preaching elders and business elders, of local churches (Acts 14:23).

In the Father’s House International Inc., elders are ordained by state overseer and International Bishop. Recommendation must come from local pastor.


A.    Must be an ordained.
B.    Must serve as an Evangelist, Teacher, Prophet, Prophetess, or Pastor.
C.    Must be a licensed minster for at least 4 years.
D.    Must have a Bachelor in Theology or equivalent 12 years as licensed minister.


A.    Serve the people of God as a gift of the 5 fold ministry.
B.    Fulfill the specific responsibilities of the office appointed to.
C.    Participate in church meetings.
D.    Officiate, preach and remark.
E.    Receive gratuitous benefits.
F.     Full or Part time stipend to be received from church or state office.


History: The Greek word for pastor is the same as the word for shepherd (poimen). The role of the pastor, therefore is to see that the spiritual needs of his flock (the congregation) are met (John 21:15-17; Acts 20:38).
Pastors are given two other designations in the New Testament- elders and bishops. When these leaders are called elders (presbuteroi, from which we get our English word presbyters), the emphasis is upon their maturity. These men are also referred to as Bishops (episkipoi), which means overseer).


A.    Must be blameless.
B.    The Husband of one wife.
C.    Vigilant, sober, of good behavior.
D.    Given to hospitality, apt to teach; not given to wine, no striker and not greedy of money.
E.    Patient, not a brawler, not covetous and one that rules well his own house. For if he can’t take care of his own house how can he take care of the house of God?
F.    Minister of the Gospel inspired by the Holy Ghost to begin a new local church.


1.    Is assigned to a specific local church to oversee and care for that body by the State Overseer.
2.    Head administrator of the local Church’s finances.
3.    Trains the Ministers of the Local Church in the work of the ministry.
4.    Feed the flock of God.
5.    Must ensure the doors of the Local church are opened according to specified times of service.
6.    Visit and pray for the sick of the church or ensure someone is appointed to do so.